PHGN 326  Advanced Lab II   Spring 2017      Colorado School of Mines  Department of Physics

Uwe Greife             (Tuesday Sections)     ugreife(at)       office hours: Mon 8-11, 2-4

Lawrence Wiencke (Thursday Sections)    lwiencke(at)  office hours:  M,W 3-5:30
Ed Cecil                 (Thursday Sections)    fcecil(at)  office hours: TBD

Dan Shields             dshields(at)
Jonathan Karpesky  


Schedule:           Tuesday || Thursday 
Group Rosters:  Tuesday || Thursday

Lectures: Nuclear || Detectors || Data/Statistics || Safety

Lab Reports: Guidelines || Cover Page   || report template (pdf)   || report template (Latex)   || example figure  
Lab Instructions : 
Lab 1: Scintillator Detector Intro
Lab 2: Gamma Ray attenuation

Lab 3: Half Lives with Activated_Aluminium Thurs Mar2 instructions   Thurs Feb_23 instructions  

"Prof. Greife 1st Lab Report Comments"
"Prof. Greife Error Propagation"

Useful Links:
Python: Plotting and Fitting Data
Python: Additional Python scripts for fitting data (D. Shields)
Mathematica: mathematica notebook file for fitting exponential decay data w/ error estimate (E. Cecil)
Bootstrap:   Bootstrap method for calculating statistical error

Maestro Manual (Full Manual)
Maestro Manual Section 4.5.3 (How the gross and net counts in a ROI peak are calculated)
Maestro Manual Section 4.3.9 ("strip" background subtraction function. How to subtract one spectrum file from another)

Dynamic table of  nuclei (Brookhaven National Labs)
Table of Radioactive Isotopes - Radiation Search
X-Ray (Gamma Ray) mass attenuation coefficients (lab2)
Dynamic Periodic Table
Particle Data Group: Constants || Particle Properties
Ortec (Manufacturer of DAQ and other boards we use)