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The Central Laser Facility is the southernmost of the two laser facilities. It is nearly equidistant to three of the four FD sites: Los Leones, Los Morados and Coihueco. The CLF went through a major upgrade in 2013:

  1. A back-scatter Raman LIDAR reciever was installed.
  2. The original flash lamp pumped laser was replaced by a solid state laser.
  3. A newer GPS clock system improves the timing resolution from 100 to 20 ns.
  4. The original 20 ft shipping container was replaced by a newer 40 ft unit with tighter doors and better insulation. A 2000 liter thermal reservoir coupled to the optical table was added to reduce thermal variations.
  5. The better sealed container features a separate room for the laser system to reduce the dust accumulation. This is important because dust accumulation on optical components increases the systematic uncertainty of laser energy delivered into the sky.
  6. A robotic system for automatic energy and polarization calibrations was added

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