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The JEM-EUSO group at Mines

Prof. Lawrence Wiencke (Institutional PI)
Prof. Fred Sarazin
PhD Student: Johannes Eser MS Students: Patrick Hunt, Jeremy Fenn, Will Painter
There is an opening for a post doc to join our team.
There is an opening for a graduate student (MS or PhD) to join our team.
Contact Prof. Wiencke

UnderGraduate Senior design students:
(2012-2013) Engineering Physics:
Jeremy Bogulski, Tyler Horvath Laser Beam Steering Instrument
Ryan Larson, Wesley Naslund,Guiseppe Pasqualino Aircraft-based laser system for tests of the EUSO-Balloon prototype
Zachary Norman Positioning of ground-based Global Light System stations around the World for the JEM-EUSO mission

Colorado School of Mines
Department of Physics
Subatomic Group
1523 Illinois St
Golden, CO 80401 USA

JEM-EUSO | Colorado School of Mines