EUSO-SPB Project

Extreme Universe Space Observatory- Super Pressure Balloon

Top: Dr. Lawrence Wiencke with Dr. Robert Brown (CEO of the American Institute of Physics), Dr. Fred Sarazin, Johannes Eser and Austin Cummings,
Middle: Randy Bachman, Dr. William Finch, Zach Polonsky and Rachel Gregg
Bottom: Dr. Lech Piotrowski, Dr. Simon Bacholle, William Painter , Harry Krantz

The EUSO-SPB Team at the Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines
Department of Physics
Subatomic Group
1500 Illinois St
Golden, CO 80401 USA

Prof. Lawrence Wiencke (Deputy PI and Institutional PI and EUSO-SPB Project Manager)
Prof. Fred Sarazin (Institutional Co-I)
Prof. William Yitz Finch (Mechanical Engineer)
Dr. Simon Bacholle – Post Doctoral Researcher
Randy Bachman (Machine Shop Manager/Instructor)
Mike Mantz (Physics Machine Shop Specialists)
PhD Student Johannes Eser
MS Student Austin Cummings
Dr. Lech Piotrowski (Past Post-Doc, Now at RIKEN Japan)
William Painter (Past Mines Alum)

Undergraduate Students:
Rachel Gregg (MINES Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
Zach Polonsky (MINES Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
Harry Krantz (Past MINES Research Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

EUSO-SPB | Colorado School of Mines