EUSO-SPB Project

Extreme Universe Space Observatory- Super Pressure Balloon

The JEM-EUSO International Collaboration

The The JEM-EUSO Collaboration includes over 300 researchers from 16 countries and 77 Institutions. The countries include Japan, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria


About 50 members of the JEM-EUSO collaboration contribute to the EUSO-SPB mission. The 8 countries involved in the design, construction and preparation of the EUSO-SPB instrument include
USA, France, Algeria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Poland.

Collaborating US institutions
University of Chicago        || Angela Olinto EUSO-SPB PI
Colorado School of Mines || Lawrence Wiencke EUSO-SPB Deputy PI
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Marshal Space Flight Center
Lehman College CUNY
Vanderbildt University

EUSO-SPB | Colorado School of Mines