EUSO-SPB Project

Extreme Universe Space Obervatory- Super Pressure Balloon

Flight Path

The super pressure balloon will be tracked from NASA's Columbia Balloon Facility. The balloon will launch in Wanaka, New Zealand. The launch window is scheduled to open March 25, 2017. Launching is very dependent on surface winds and other factors. The actual launch date will likely be later. The 2015 launch waited 1 week. The 2016 launch waited 6 weeks.
Link to 2017 NASA Flight Tracker.

The path the balloon takes depend on the high altitude wind patterns. An amazing online interactive 3D global forecast of these winds is produced by Cameron Beccario. The interactive animated map is updated every three hours.
View over New Zealand
View over South Pole
View over North Pole
The high altiude wind global wind circulation patterns in the north and south can reach hundreds of km/hour. Furthmore these "high global rivers of fast thin air" change direction twice a year near the end of winter and end of summer. To show how the patterns change this summer/fall we are accumulating wind maps about once a day see how the patterns sets up for our flight. See link below.
Montage of daily high altitude wind maps

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