Central Laser Facility External  

Atmospheric Laser Test Beams for the Pierre Auger High Energy Cosmic Ray Observatory   and JEM-EUSO
      Locations:   Malargüe Argentina  and Colorado USA (R&D) and Global (JEM-EUSO GLS)
   Applications:  Atmospheric Measurements, Targeting Astrophysical Objects, Upward-Going Events,
                         Cosmic Ray Detector Performance Monitoring, GPS Timing, Photometric Calibration
        Contacts:  Lawrence Wiencke  Carlos Medina  

Pierre Auger Central Laser Facility      Latest Plots  

   Central Laser Facility with Andes and Celeste Tank  Central Laser Facility External  CLF_Steering and cover  CLF Steering Head Details  CLF Optics Diagram  CLF Optics Photogram  CLF inclined laser shot

CLF (2003-2013(March): Autolog AGN   Cal (YY, MM, DD )  
CRLF (June 2013 - Present): 
Cal (YY, MM)   Vtmon (YY, MM)  
  IR Cloud Mon. (2005-Present)   Volts - Temps Mon. (2003-Present)  

Pierre Auger eXtreme Laser Facility    Latest_Plots

XLF panorama   XLF with Ramiro Water Cherenkov Tank   XLF Steering Mechanism   XLF Diagram of Components   XLF Optics and calibration system   XLF Interior

XLF (2008-Present) Autologs (YY, MM, DD )   Cal_Const Cal (YY, MM, DD )  
 Beam_Calibration_Plots  Polarization_Plots plottingprograms.pdf
IR Cloud Mon. (2008-Present) (YY, MM, DD )   Volts-Temperatures (2008-Present) (YY, MM, DD )  

Cldmon data: CLF XLF

Dark Calenders
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Publications (CLF/XLF):

“ Techniques for measuring aerosol attenuation using the Central Laser Facility at the Pierre Auger Observatory”,   The Pierre Auger Collaboration, JINST 9, p04009 (2013).

“AtmosphericSuper Test Beam for the Pierre Auger Observatory”, L. Wiencke for the Pierre Auger Collaboration and A. Botts, C. Allan, M. Calhoun, B. Carande, M. Coco, J. Claus, L.Emmert, S. Esquibel, L. Hamilton, T.J. Heid, F. Honecker, M. Iarlori, S. Morgan,S.Robinson, D. Starbuck, J. Sherman, M. Waken, and O. Wolf, Proc 32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference (August, 2011).

“The Central Laser Facility at the Pierre Auger Observatory”,   B. Fick et al., JINST 1, p11003 (2006).

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